About us

Our designs combine African iconography and details with modern silhouettes. We create unexpected, beautiful pieces that reflect and celebrate our heritage.

Each piece is luxuriously crafted in the United States, with customizable options to make every design distinctly yours.


Ollanla Defined

Pronounced aw•lan•la, Ollanla is a phrase in Yoruba that means great honor, wealth, majesty and authority. It is a phrase that suggests a depth beyond what is tangible and a worth of immeasurable value. Yoruba is a language spoken in southwest Nigeria.

Our Story

Ollanla’s founder Funmi Williamson was born and raised in Nigeria. She first became interested in fashion when she was introduced to the art of embroidery and sewing in elementary school. Funmi moved to the United States in 2002, where she founded Ollanla as a tribute to her African heritage in 2017.
At first, Funmi wanted to create beautiful, unexpected pieces that she could wear again and again. That evolved into a desire to blend her traditional African pieces with her American wardrobe, tying together the different aspects of her life into one cohesive expression.
Through Ollanla, Funmi creates pieces that fuse classic elegance with her love for luxurious fabrics and bold colors that both contrast and surprisingly complement one another. Her designs convey a sense of heritage and pride, declaring where we come from and who we are today.

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