Welcome Letter from our founder

It took over a decade to get here. First dreaming, taking little baby steps, then 2 years of building.
My African heritage called me. My desire to create pieces that would pay tribute to my heritage coupled with my love of beautiful fabrics and clothes that had a story laid the foundation for Ollanla.
I started my journey to create versatile pieces that celebrated my heritage. The pieces had to be made with the highest quality fabrics and in classic styles for the modern woman of substance.
All of our pieces are made in the USA using elements that are inspired by my african heritage. From the braided waist trim detail to the twist rope neckline trim that pay homage to African hair weaving and braiding techniques. Our fabrics are a blend of the finest Ankara, also known as African print or Wax print and exclusive fabrics inspired by centuries old adire motifs.
Giving back is part of our DNA at Ollanla. I have seen the impact education can have in transforming lives. For every item purchased, we fund education programs and scholarships through Ọmọ Ollanla, our program for advocating for children in our communities across the diaspora.
It is my honor to welcome you to Ollanla. I hope our pieces will bring you joy by celebrating where we come from and who we are today.


Funmi Williamson